Third EP in discography, out via the Dnipropop label. It was started in early 2021 and finalized during a period of the full-scale war beginning. This, for sure, was reflected both in the sound/mood in general and in the themes of individual tracks. There are no soul-warming quotes or recipes of traditional cuisine here – it is, rather, a complete story about the crisis state of man and his worldview, where there is still some room for irony and hope. 
Eugene Gordeev from Kurs Valüt described the album as "‎a sheep that got lost in a bombed-out industrial metropolis. The voices of advertising bots are heard by inertia from broken devices. Sheep is exposed to the influences of the guitar sound and demonic cyberpunk, and, in the end, transforms into a self-sufficiently perverted mutant"‎.
The title track's music video was directed by Stepan Burban and released on June 28, 2022.
Music by Anton Shiferson
Mixed and mastered by Eugene Kasian
Original photo by Arthur Mazi on Unsplash
Artwork by Anton Shiferson