The debut SHIP HER SON album. This is a rhythmic, ironic, and gloomy release about the needs and emotions of humans with references to The Room by Tommy Wiseau, Ukrainian culture, traditions, advertisements, and local meme-heroes. The record starts with the harsh low-tempo track about God's punishment, often changes mood, floats between genres, gains a powerful tempo, and ends with a calm instrumental.
Some tracks that could already be heard on the first EPs were completely revised for this release. Album was supported by two singles: the revision of Vier Liter Wasser and Gott.

Vier Later Wasser was released on April 9, 2021. Single includes the remix by Kurs Valüt.
Gott single and video were released on April 23, 2021.
Music by Anton Shiferson
Mixed and mastered by Eugene Kasian
Photography by Max Timopheev
Artwork by Anton Shiferson